The amazing this is, you are discriminated everywhere you go.  Every application or resume is followed up with a background check.  Every job (worth having or career oriented) will check your background and everywhere you go, and all the time you spend on the search leads to rejection.  And all this while your bills mount up and your family struggles.  I learned a long time ago that nobody was going to help me.  Relationship problems always arise when the cash is low.  This is a fact of life.  Just like you will be judged and denied employment for making mistakes in your past.  I think it is unfair, but I understand it. Who wants an employee that has a criminal past?  There is a solution to all of this.  Search within yourself for the answers and don’t get discouraged when they don’t come on that same day.  The solution comes to you like a puzzle.  And if you stick with the routine of checking yourself daily for the answers, piece by piece you will form the direction you need to take.  Do yourself, by following these (for some) very difficult steps;

1.  Ask yourself what you are good at.

2. Ask yourself what you want to do in life.

3. Find the best, crappy job you can find.

4. Take the answer from question 1 and be creative by incorporating it into your crappy minimum wage job.

5. Carry over that creative process and find out if what you are doing for a few dollars has anything to do with question 2.  Anyway at all.

By now you will know two things: One,  you will know at this point weather or not you have ambition.  Ambition will get you through this first part without a hitch.  Two, weather or not you have determination.  At this point you have gained some crappy job just to keep some kind of money coming in and you have continued to put forth the thought process required to make a difference.  If you have not made it to this point in the process, there are different articles on-line that can help you with laziness, depression, and low self-esteem.  These are common traits that would prevent you from being able to make it to this part.  If that is you, you are wasting your time reading this article and you need to read the right things and not the wrong ones.  I’m certain as a matter of fact, you will not understand this the same way someone without those issues would.  So let’s continue…

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