Project Description

Web Development

The websites that are here in the portfolio are built from custom WordPress themes suited to the clients needs and requests.  All websites are owned by our clients after the development and launch process.  We build custom websites  for each client based on their request.  Have a look at some of the websites by clicking on the logo.  By the way, each of the logos were also designed by Media Rescue.

WorldStar Hiphop

world star hip hop

Jerry’s Tiki Bar

jerrys tiki bar

Web Development For Any Industry

justin clark & Associates
priority one homes team
edgy concepts
i know we

Keeping It Creative

Sleek, Clean, Fun, Professional, Fast, Elegant, Earthy, Alluring – Media Rescue creates online ambiance. Whatever tone you want to set, we can help you do it. When you hire Media Rescue, not only are you getting a tech-savvy team of web developers, but you also experience a heavy dose of marketing genius. We have launched hundreds of online stores and company websites and this experience goes right to work for you, the moment you contact us.

Style Experience

WordPress 98%
HTML5 34%
Joomla 22%
Dupral 70%

SEO Optimized Websites

Media Rescue is dedicated to delivering innovative, affordable website design and internet marketing solutions that enable businesses to:

  • Establish visibility online
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve their overall brand identity

Included SEO Services within each Website

  • META & Descriptions
  • Page Keyword Designation
  • Unique & Creative Content
  • Image Alt Text Descriptions
  • Keyword Placement
  • Inbound & Outbound Links
  • Site Maps & Search Index

As a professional web design company, we are focused on facilitating the success of fellow companies, organizations, and/or individuals. We guarantee our clients’ online success by providing web solutions that include all of the most advanced technologies that website design and internet marketing have to offer.

Dedicated Development

From basic informational website development to complex web / mobile applications and company portals Media Rescue works to create only custom developed solutions that separate our clients from their competition. Proper initial project scoping and continual confirmation helps us to ensure that the right languages are used. The Media Rescue knowledge base spans from basic HTML5 & CSS development to JavaScript frameworks such as Dupral, Node, Ruby on Rails, React, Joomla, and most the most popular WordPress.

Final Delivery

Once we’ve completed any revisions (and quite often there aren’t any, thanks to our extensive briefing process) we present the final, resolved set of branding concepts to you for your thoughts and eagerly await sign-off. We always recommend clients take at least 24 hours at the bare minimum before signing off on any particular concept, no matter how enthusiastic the initial response!!

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