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Posts default layout – paginated list

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Displaying only posts with a specific tag. By setting the masonry class on the shortcode you get masonry layout display.

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Posts default layout – filtered list

Posts default layout – filtered list (masonry) with no margins

Posts default layout – slider (automatic)

Posts default layout – slider (manual), no margins

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Posts layouts

Post layout is a way to display a post information in the shortcode. It also gives you endless possibilities of styling the posts shortcode lists.

There are 2 predefined posts layouts in the theme: default and simple one. In addition to these layouts, you can create any number of custom layouts using a child theme.

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Posts simple layout – paginated list

Posts simple layout – filtered list

Posts simple layout – filtered list with no margins

Posts simple layout – slider (automatic)

Posts simple layout – slider (manual), no margins

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Shortcode and its parameters

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