Social Media for Business!

To be successful in business, it is important to have a good online presence. Using social media in the right way can raise your online profile, support your brand, boost traffic to your website and increase sales revenue. It is something all businesses need to do. All businesses that intend on succeeding.

At Media Rescue, we offer a full range of social media set up packages, social media management packages and social media training.

BUT… It’s not just one size fits all. Certain social media platforms are better suited to certain types of business. This depends on several factors:

  • The market you’re in
  • Your end user target customer profile
  • Whether you’re selling a product online or not
  • The level of visibility and brand distinction of your product or service
  • The level to which your product or service can be visually represented
  • The technological understanding of your product/service by your end user
  • Whether you are a B to B company or a B to C company
  • …and much more


See how Media Rescue has simplified your path to success!

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Always Available

We are always here and available to advise you on which social media channels and strategies will be the best fit for your individual business. Yes, there’s the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but have you ever considered if a Pintrest account would be useful for you, for example?

We can then do any combination of the following…

  • Set up and brand all your relevant accounts and link them to your website for you
  • Train you on how to use the accounts and give you pointers on campaigns you could run
  • Set up and run individual campaigns and competitions for you
  • Write articles for you for blogs and platforms and publications
  • Manage all the accounts, run the campaigns for you and manage your online brand reputation
  • When setting up your social media accounts we can create company profiles that are consistent with your business branding and design guidelines.


Free Consulting

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