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Extend your reach, announce yourself! Be e-Exclusive to the industry

Are you maximizing your listings digital presence? Get e-Exclusive Today!

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Get noticed today

Media Rescue delivers your e-exclusive newsletter real estate listings directly to all of your social media netoworks, email lists, website, mobile apps, you name it.  We deliver fresh advertisement copy and custom HTML digital publications.  We design to each client specifically, showcasing their properties, open homes, and many other options based on your preferences.[/wm_text_block]

  • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Publications
  • Unlimited Cloud Space
  • Fresh & Original Ad Copy
  • Designs to Preference
  • Client Pre-Flight Review
  • One Monthly Low Cost
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Your Opportunity is Here

Save time and money with Media Rescue and our Real Estate Listings publication.  Each publication is created specifically for the brokerage or the individual agent.  The listing publication is delivered to all agents or brokers’ social media platforms, their website or blog, and is available for viewing in text format, and a stunning illustrated HTML. Standard listing services provide you one weekly publication.  Premium & Pro services are available by request or invitation.  Contact us today and see what Media Rescue can do for you listings.

Get Started Today

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Reach 1000’s of Buyers

Our analytical performance reporting is offered to you with each publication. We help you generate your own mailing lists and can send you listings out SPAM FREE.  No limits on emails subscribers, no limits on emails, no limits at all.  Limit free listings publications also include:

  • Branded author publication
  • Your Logo & Name and or Company Name
  • Detailed Performance Statistics
  • Custom Description & Listing Ad Copy

Media Rescue offers the most affordable way to market your listings to your subscribers.
Designed Specifically For YOU!
Our publications are beautifully crafted for with images, engaging content, elegance.[/wm_text_block]

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Request more information & pricing

Let us know if you would like more information.  We will get right back with you.[/wm_text_block]

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Already On-Board

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We perform for you

We have attracted many real estate companies with this service and it just keeps getting better.  We work with some of the top real estate agents and brokers in the central Florida area.  Take advantage of this powerful listing publication service today.  We guarantee you’ll love it.[/wm_text_block]

Need a good looking website?

Media Rescue offers elegant, engaging website design services that can make the difference between you, and another agency.  Our websites are custom built for each client and include free domain name and hosting for one year.

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