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Streamlining Efficiency

Improving your healthcare practice’s efficiency means eliminating unnecessary patient delays, managing and coordinating patient care before and after the visit, and safeguarding the physician-patient interaction so it remains dedicated to care delivery (not administrative chores such as chasing X-rays or lab results). Contact time with staff must be efficient, with all necessary steps swiftly executed, for a streamlined patient visit – from check-in to check-out.  Let Media rescue create your streamlined environment today, and let your patients and staff enjoy the benefits.


Streamlined Benefits

Get more productivity from your office by automating & streamlining administrative processes.  Your patients will also experience the benefits of expedited visits that are more care based, productive, and time efficient.  

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Enhanced Productivity

Start getting more patient and process oriented tasks completed by implementing streamlined processes.  Your Administrative duties will no longer be focused on data entry, document review, and other redundant tasks! Be efficient with your time, see more patients, and get more productivity!

How it Works

To start the streamlining process for your medical practice, we will interview you and create a custom process that will allow your practice to be most efficient.  Every medical practice is different from one another, so creating a custom process that focuses on your practices needs is essential.  We want this process to be your key to sustainability, and the growth of your practice.  There are many benefits to streamlining the administrative duties of a medical practice.   

Analyze Your Processes
We ask a variety of questions to better understand how your practice works, and what streamlined services can benefit your productivity.

Create Your Streamline Plan
Now we that we know about your practice we put together a variety of streamlined processes that would help your practice.

Strategy & Efficiency
This is the phase where we communicate or plan with you, provide details of the benefits, add or remove aspects, and negotiate our services fee.

Now that we have all the specifics out of the way, our team will begin executing the process of implementing your new processes. We also provide in office training to ensure a smooth work flow transition.

Limited Time Offer

Learn The Benefits With A Free Streamline Analysis

For a limited time only, Media Rescue is offering a free streamline analysis.  The Free Analysis includes a comprehensive report that details opportunities for strengthening your in-house processes.  Cost cutting procedures that can eliminate excessive and mundane work for your administrative staff.  Processes that can increase the time you spend with  patients, reduce waiting times, improve patient satisfaction, and increase work force moral.  You don’t have to sign up after the we complete the analysis, it’s absolutely FREE.  Get Valuable insight, for the cost of nothing.  Contact us today or sign up below.

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Learn how streamlining  your practice can benefit you in 15 minutes. 

Benefit Details

Here are some details as to how the streamlining practice can benefit any business.  Not only medical practices get the experience the such enhanced business productivity, it is available for all industries, any business model.

More Office Efficiency

Reduce the data entry that your intake administrative team needs to perform with the arrival of new patients.  This is done by offering an online intake process, that collects all of the questions that you have for your patients both new and existing prior to their arrival to your offices.  The data is then populated into your current Patient Management System, and stored on your current secured server.  This intake method expedites the check in process, frees up time from the admin staff to perform other tasks, and allows for better and more focused care of your patients.  This data includes your patients medical history, allergies, purpose of visit, prescription history, insurance information, and whatever else your practice may need to know about your patient.

Reducing the Cost of Operations

Reducing the operating expenses of your medical practice is one of the favorite benefits to the streamlined process.  Let’s take your office supply costs for an example.  After offering and implementing these services for many medical practices, we’ve learned that the average sized practice spends approximately $360 – $580 per month on printing paper, ink, toner, and repairs.  Not to mention the cost of the equipment lease, or financing that they have to pay.  Imagine that you no longer had to print 4 or 5 pages for each new patient arrival, no longer had to use up that ink or toner, no longer needed to hand out pens and clip boards.  All of these expenses are essentially out the window.  The streamlining process converts the submission of your patients data digital, and directly into your management system.  Reducing the office overhead means more revenue for the  practice.

Time Management Enhanced

Tired of patients missing appointments?  No shows, mean a waste of time, and lost revenue.  The streamlining process can resolve that.  We integrate a scheduling system that is compatible with whatever patient management system you are currently using.  The perks of this system however, allow your patients to reschedule, receive prior day reminders, automated directions from the current location via their cell phones, automated appointment updates, and many additional features that you can select from to ensure your patients are arriving on time for their appointments.  Often patients call in wanting same day appointments, but your schedule may indicate that you’re booked.  How about posting a live availability calendar on your website, so when a patient cancels or confirms via their reminder message, that time allotment is appropriately marked online, in real-time for a new patient to schedule their visit.  This is efficiency of time management at its best.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients call every day, all day.  And if it’s not for an appointment, it’s for a record request, or some instructions related to their visit.  Or maybe it is simply to ask a question because they forgot exactly what you told them.  I know personally I have sat on hold calling my Dr.’s office to ask where my test results were, or for the name of the referral he gave me.  The streamlining process eliminates this, and the potential of  unsatisfied patients.  We implement a client portal on your current website and server (we Can provide you one also – Secured and Compliant to your Needs) that allows your patients to login to their accounts view medical records, test results, referrals, your recommendations, communicate via a messaging platform, appointment scheming, insurance & payment info, and much more.  This is a great way to reduce the manual administrative aspects of your practice, reduce incoming phone calls, and allow you to see more patients.  It’s power streamlining at its finest.

Building Brand Reputation

The public perception of your practice is important.  What people say about your medical services resonates throughout your community. Our past clients all experienced an increase in brand awareness, new appointments for new patients, and better online reputations.  This includes more reviews on Goggle, which increase your ranking on search engine results.  How you ask.  The client portal offers surveys and requests for reviews which are then published externally, giving your practice more online exposure, ultimately earning you more business.

Going Digital & Getting Productive

Learn more, and contact us today for a free phone consultation.  We will ask you a few question about your practice, handle our due diligence, create a tailor made streamlining process, and propose it to you.  If it sounds like a fit for your and your practice, we will negotiate the pricing.  All of our pricing is different.  As each practice is different, some requiring more features than the next.  We are fair, and will only charge you for what you need to make your medical practice more productive. We offer a variety of tools and processes that will undoubtedly prove to enhance your practice. You can begin with one process, or all of them.  Not to keep you in suspense, and continue with our transparent approach to doing business, our fees for services range from $400 to $5,000.  And as our track record and results of implemented services have proven for our previous client’s. The streamlining processes have paid for themselves at least 5 times over within the first 6 months.  Contact us today for a 15 minute evaluation of your needs. CALL: 702.488.1680.


We have worked with a lot of medical professionals and have provided dedicated services to them in an effort to assist in the sustainability of their practices.  See what some of them have to say about our services.

Dr. Phil Keoppel | Cheif Cardiologist
Dr. Phil Keoppel | Cheif Cardiologist

I am the co-director of the UCSF Heart & Vascular Center as well as chief of cardiology. As specialist in arrhythmias, I have developed techniques to treat irregular heartbeats.
“I am extremely impressed with how Media Rescue helped our offices become more streamlined. They observed, asked questions, and developed a plan that was remarkable!”

Dr. Rebecca Mays| Pediatrician
Dr. Rebecca Mays| Pediatrician

I have worked a lead pediatrician here at DC Medical for 9 years. As a graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical I chose to offer my services to the betterment of pediatric care.
“It is absolutely amazing how you guys have made such an impact on our practice in such a short time. We really appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you!”

Dr. Kate Brunso | Director of Psychiatry
Dr. Kate Brunso | Director of Psychiatry

I am a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. I am a trained psychodynamic and dialectical behavioral therapist and utilize these skills, along with psychopharmacology as needed, to realize your optimal mental health.
“You have created the standard in medical practices intake processes. All healthcare offices should have these streamlined capabilities to better serve their patients.”

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