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Small businesses and startups are in a unique position when it comes to digital marketing.  We were once a startup business, therefore we understand the pitfalls you’ll face with digital marketing.  The energy and eagerness to tell the world your open for business is often too much to resist.  So make certain you have a digital marketing budget, plan and strategy in place prior to taking action.  We have digital marketing options that smaller budgets, and yield short and long term success.  Getting things right from the beginning is crucial to a small or startup businesses financials.  Contact Us today and learn more. 

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analytic management

no analytics, means no management!

Analytics are the key to any digital marketing campaign.  In fact, without analytics it’s impossible to properly manage your campaign.  It’s important to realize analytics tell the story of success or failure regarding all of your efforts.  The importance of analytics is to measure responses received from from target audiences.  It’s important to realize the power of analytics.  With 100’s of different metrics to choose from, your able to recognize direct correlations within the data and make adjustments to your campaign to maximize to your results.   If your not managing your analytics, your not maximizing your marketing efforts, and therefore your wasting your time, and your money. Contact us today and learn more or review our packages.

Analytic Management
Analytic Management Media Rescue

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In spite of the Google Marketing Platform tools being available for use at no charge.  Having access to them, and understanding how to use them to maximize your marketing campaigns and as equally important, your digital presence!  For example, have you responded to any of your reviews on Google to show you care what your customers think?  Have you claimed ownership of  your Google Business, with Google?  Are they reporting the correct hours, products or services, phone number, etc…?  Media Rescue wants to offer you a free overhaul of your digital presence.  This will include; updating or providing you access to your Google Search listing result, installation of Google Analytics and setting up your dashboard, “we’ll show you how to use it,” Google Search Engine Console to ensure your listed on Google, and if your an e-commerce business, we set you up with Google Optimize.  All of this at no cost!  Setup your free digital presence check by clicking the button below!

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